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  • How to describe Guana Designs? For the ones with a 0 tolerance policy for long-windedness, one word is enough: AWESOME. For the ones that like a little . Guana Designs didn’t just help us create a visually delicious website, but she has had a proactive role in the refinement of our brand. From day one she immersed herself in our product and once she got a grasp of it she has gifted us a wealth of insighful ideas.  From day one very meeting ends with me leaving like she will go above and beyond for my product. And if none of that matter to you then lets jump to the real question: Will she help my business sell more? The answer is a resounding yes. Since we started working with her our sales have not been higher. She promised and she delivered. In Guana Designs we trust. So do yourself a favor an hire her.


    Hacienda Del Sol Wellness Centre Ramiro Gallardo

  • “Truth be told I’m not very good with computers, or websites, or technology in general; I don’t even use iTunes.  I’m just one of those people who knows my limitations.  The strange thing is that I’m a writer, which means I’m literally on my computer the bulk of every day of my life, and yet I’m not a confident computer person.  In June of 2016 I decided, while writing my non-fiction book, and editing my fiction novel that I should do something to create interest around myself, and build a brand.  I decided to begin a daily blog structured similarly to the way Arsenio Hall used to do his “things that make me go hmmm” in his nightly monologue.  The problem is I needed a website to do that, so I set about building one, along with the help of my youngest daughter, who had learned to do this in high school.  I was proud of myself, even if the site was amateur, and not that easy to navigate, I the non computer person had accomplished this.  As my daily visitors grew, at last count I had 118,000 visitors in five months, I realized it was time to get serious about my website.  Enter Catalina from Guana Designs.  I had “met” her via a website, that I didn’t even know she created, when I chose to go to a Yoga juice retreat in Costa Rica.  The sole reason I picked that retreat over every single other retreat I was considering was because of the beautiful website that popped up while googling retreats.  Their site made me feel welcomed, it came across as honest and trustworthy.  I knew from visiting the site that I would be in good hands at the retreat, and I was not wrong.  Once at the retreat I met Catalina and learned that she had designed the retreat’s website.  As soon as I met her I knew she was the person to build my new and improved site.

    Catalina has an incredible ability to visually present all the things you want your site to communicate.  Even though we built the site from a distance, she in Costa Rica, me in Toronto, Canada, and only had one phone meeting about the site, it turned out to be everything I wanted it to be, and more.  I’m in the process of shopping for literary agents, and will no longer be concerned that they won’t take me seriously when they head over to my website to check me out.  Not only is my site professional, it’s also easy to use and beautiful.  Catalina also took the time to walk me through the more challenging techy stuff by making me “how to” videos.  She didn’t leave a single stone un-turned.  She is patient, helpful, talented, and most importantly fairly priced while working quickly.  I can’t imagine working with anybody else as my site continues to evolve and grow.  No matter what stage you are at in your web site development, I strongly recommend you change course and work with Catalina and Guana Designs, you will not be disappointed!”

    Shantelle Bisson - Shantelle Bisson

  • “Catalina, thank you for working really hard on designing and building my Company website.I am very please with your work. You are a very patiente and dedicated person abd it was a pleasure working with you. You know how to listen to your clients and give them the results they expect. Be assured that i would use your Company again for future wed designs and will recommend your services to griends and clients.
    Catalina thank you again for a great job.”


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